Google Ads Mastery Course

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You are going to Learn the following topics to ractify your google Ads Campaign. 🤑🤑
1. Introduction.
2. What is Google Ads? Why Google Ads?
3. Structure of Google Ads.
4. What is Keyword Planner and how it can be used?
5. Important Terms related to Google Ads.
6. Google Ads Campaign Types and its examples.
7. Setting up a Search Google Ads Campaign🎯.
8. Setting up a Display Google Ads Campaign🤑🎯.
9. Video Google Ads Campaign 🎯
10. Setting up a Smart Google Ads Campaign🎯
11. Minimising your excess cost on Advertisement by choosing negative keywords.
12. 🎯Best Features & Extensions to get High Potential Leads on Google Ads Campaign.
13. 🎯Copywriting for Google Ads Campaign & how to increase Quality rank for better ROI.
14. Overview.


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