Top 10 tips on How to Get More Customers to Your Store 2021

1. Set up a photo booth. You can rent a photo booth for a week and encourage customers to take photos, share them on social media and tag your store. Reward customers who do so with a discount on their purchase.

2. Hold a flash sale. A limited-time, surprise sale can get customers in the door. Offer a two-for-one special, 30 percent off everything in the store or whatever makes sense for your business. Send e/mails and text messages or post on social media about your sale to build urgency.

3. Offer refreshments. On a cold, snowy or rainy day, free coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other treats can entice frozen shoppers to stop by and warm up. On a hot day, stock up on lemonade, cold water and iced tea. Keep a supply of these items in your stockroom so you can serve refreshments at a moment’s notice. Promote them on social media and via your other marketing methods.

4. Provide a place to rest. Window shoppers might become real shoppers if their companions have a place to sit and rest while they browse. Put a few chairs or an ottoman in your store

 5. Entertain children. Entice parents into your store (and get them to spend more time there) by providing entertainment for their children. Set up a little area in the store with a play table, toys and books. Enlist an employee to read stories to the kids or play games with them. Meanwhile, offer the parents discounts and the chance to get a break from their kids while they shop.

 6. Reward them. Does your store already have a loyalty rewards program? Great. Let customers know you’re offering double or triple rewards points today. The extra incentive might be all they need to get out the door and into your store.

7. Send targeted offers to loyalty program members who haven’t visited your store in a while to win them back.

8. Reward your most active loyalty program members with VIP experiences. For example, offer a preview of your newest products, a free makeover, a sale after-hours just for them, or other special treatment to make them feel valued.

9. Review your website SEO strategy to make sure it’s pulling in customers. You may need to update keywords or create new content to attract online searchers.

10. Use local social media influencers to attract customers. A social media influencer your target customers care about can help drive customers to your store. and many more

May 3, 2021

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