What is Blogging & How to Earn from Blogging in 2021?

What is blogging? How one can earn from blogging?

Many of you heard of blogs or blogging but maybe some of you don’t know that one can earn good money from blogging. Blogging is a simple process by which you can earn extra income all you need is a good platform and an attractive niche or topic which can attract good public audience on your blogging site.

What is a Blog or Blogging?

A blog is a simple online journal or informational article on a particular niche or topic. Blogging is a platform where an individual or group of writers share their views. The main purpose of a blog is to provide information or your views on a particular topic, product or current affairs. The information or views on topics or niches should be attractive which will attract audience which is the main source of your income by online traffic on your blog site.

A blogger can earn anywhere from 1$ to Million of dollars per month, all depends on the level of blogging, public audience and how attractive your niche is.

To start earning from blogging first one need to understand how to start blogging. The simple process will help you to how to start your own bogging page or website.

How to start blogging/Start your blogging journey ?

There is a step by step guide for how to start blogging that will help you to understand the whole process easily and can earn some passive income from blogging.

  1. Select the topic
  2. Choose a platform
  3. Pick a domain name
  4. Get a webhosting account
  5. Start blogging on wordpress
  6. Select the design and theme
  7. Publish Content
  8. Optimize for SEO

Selection of Topic

The first step in everything is to decide and focus and choose precisely. To start a blog or to become a blogger you have to select the right niche or topic for your blog. Make sure to pick a niche that you are the most interested in the one you are passionate about and is also can attract public audience and interest of people. If you choose the niche you are passionate about then you will find blogging interesting and will do by heart and will also create interest of the public in topic.

Choose a platform

the next step is to choose the right blogging platform. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc are some of the popular blogging platforms. WordPress is the most popular among all the bloggers so one can go for wordpress if like so or can go for other platforms too.

Pick a Domain name

Domain name is the name by which you will be known of. Domain name is the unique identity you would be addressed or known on the internet. You will have to pay a very nominal fee for a domain name annually. Your domain name can be example.com , example.net or example.blog .

Get a webhosting account

After choosing a domain name, selecting agood hostingservice will be one of the most important decisions you make. The functionality and performance of the blog site will depend on your blog hosting , better the functionality better the user experience. The host makes sure your blog is available 24/7 to potential readers and it’s where your contents and files are stored online. Mostly the hosting companies will provide your free domain name for the first year and by the next year the same nominal charges annually. Choosing a wrong webhosting can cause you trouble as they’ll always be technical issues or your content cant be accessed by all the public. So choose the webhosting services wisely.

 Start Blogging on wordpress Plateform ?

After all these steps of choosing and deciding of niches, platform, domain name and webhosting now you have to do a simple process of registration on wordpress and can start writing on the niche you chosen in the first step. Make sure its on a good topic and provide good information on a niche you chosen so you get good audience on your blog site.

Select Theme and design

An attractive theme and design is a must for every presentation. The theme and design will make your blog look extra attractive and convincing according to your content. You can choose from thousands of themes in catalogue given by wordpress. You can choose it by the description or according to the niche of your content.

You can add colors , backgrounds, templates, menus and lot of other things to homepage and  make an effect on the content and audience.

Publish the blog

After all the selection, choosing domain names and themes your framework is set and ready to publish. Publish the information about your blog website homepage, about us and other essential information about the blogger or your blogsite that will help to attract and give details about your niche. And whole blog you writes on your niches.

Optimize SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which you can use to get more traffic to your web pages or blog sites from search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing, etc. SEO involves many different tactics and techniques that one has to get to know about.

Some tips for SEO is of keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is the the process of researching and selecting the right set of keywords that you think people will type in a search to find content like yours online.

Adding SEO meta tags-These are the SEO title and description tags,  These tags are not seen on the actual page, but Google will use metadata to better understand what the webpage is about.

Now you are all set to go to earn from blogging. The main focus should be on the content you publish that it should be good, in demand, attractive and should all the factors that would help in attractive good audience traffic on your website. The more the traffic, more will be earning.

Some bloggers with whopping income from blogging-

Huffpost- Huffpost.com founded by Ariana HUffington ranked at the top with earning of $500 million per year.

Moz- Moz.com founded by Rand Fishkin is an SEO community & service provider with earning of $44.9 million annually.

Engadget- Engadget founded by Peter Rojas covers a range of tech topic and earns $47.5 million per annum.

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